Gavin Eaton – Mystery Creek Basecamp Trip

I’ve done several day trips with BC Ski Guides and last year made the jump to a 7-day fly-in camp trip to the Mystery Creek area. It was an incredible experience!

The pre-trip communication and planning was excellent and I was well prepared because of it. Despite some unavoidable weather delays with the heli, the logistics were well in order and all of the group equipment and food was professionally coordinated. The food was wonderful and plentiful!

Throughout the week, Tristen spent each morning identifying the day’s weather/avi appropriate objective and then would lead our group through the plan for the day. The daily objectives were always incredible and reasonably challenged for the group skill and fitness levels. I always felt comfortable and found there was a good balance of being challenged without pressure or unreasonable risk.

Tristen is an exceptional and experienced guide. His expert skill, training and experience are well complimented with his calm and confident yet humble approach to the mountains. He has outstanding attention to detail in planning, situational awareness and risk mitigation. He is also an excellent teacher, and if a client is interested, there are always opportunity to learn and grow.

I would highly recommend BC Ski Guides for their professionalism, experience and travel/education opportunities for your next ski adventure!

Brian Norwick, Spearhead Range Ski Traverse Trip

Tristen of BC Ski Guides lead our group through the Spearhead traverse. He expertly managed expectations and experiences for a group of three with various skill levels.

His pre-trip communication was clear and thorough. He was timely for our initial meeting at the beginning of the trip.

Tristen was well equipped; he is unique in that he offers to cater for the trip. This allowed us as beginner tourers to focus on our own equipment and not overpack as the food was evenly distributed amongst all members without excess (*If you are a heavy eater I would consider bringing some extra personal food). On a severe weather day, we were able to warm up in Tristens shelter; this was a real perk for morale.

Tristen was able to introduce one member of our group to attempt skiing terrain that they normally wouldn’t consider hitting in the backcountry. This is where hiring a guide really pays dividends. Tristen explained the slope, methods to safely approach and exit and provided positive encouragement. We all learned a lot from this experience.

Tristen’s demeanor was helpful, happy and confident. He inspired confidence.

I would highly recommend Tristen of BC Ski Guides for future trips into the backcountry.