September 1, 2020

We don’t want to get sick and neither do you!

BC Ski Guides is committed to operating all courses and trips within the current Phase 3 regulations of the Province of British Columbia and WorkSafeBC. Furthermore, we adhere to best practices recommended by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, Avalanche Canada, and the Canadian Avalanche Association.

BC Ski Guides COVID-19 Policy:

  • Guests are required to sign a declaration of COVID-19 health and exposure.
  • Guests are required to bring a personal mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, and glasses/goggles.
  • Physical distancing of 2m spacing will be followed outdoors.
  • Mask, gloves, and glasses/goggles will be worn during situations when it is not possible to maintain physical distancing.
  • Guides and instructors will make additional hand sanitizer available on all trips and courses.
  • Classroom content on courses will be delivered in an online format when possible.
  • Indoor classroom training done with sufficient space to maintain 2m separation.
  • Tent based courses or trips will be single person accommodation, unless they are residents of the same household.
  • Shared technical equipment will be sanitized or stored for minimum 3 days prior to use on trips and courses.
  • Guests are required to provide their own food, snacks, and water on all trips.
  • Guests are requested to carpool only with members of the same household.